Expert accounts for barristers

More than 700 barristers rely on us to ensure they pay the right tax in the right way.

We know that as a barrister, your accounting needs differ from that of any other profession. Your accountant should be a specialist too. Our long experience of working with barristers means we’re able to think well ahead for our clients, and make the accounts process efficient, accurate and pain-free.

A client story

"Alex and his team have completely taken away any anxiety I used to have around accounting and tax"

"Alex Friede has been my accountant since I gained tenancy. It's fantastic to know that I have a diligent and safe pair of hands preparing my accounts each year. He's always gone out of his way to make the process as simple as possible for me - for example, using software that allows me to send receipts and expenses using my 'phone. No fiddly spreadsheets and paperwork to battle with!

He works closely with the Bar and has a good relationship with my fees clerk, making it really easy to share financial information when needed.

We now effectively have my quarterly VAT and annual accounts ready in real time. This makes it really easy to manage my tax savings and, on a quarterly basis, I have a clear idea of how much I will owe HMRC.

He provides easy to follow, transparent advice and is always quick and reliable with communication. He's completely taken away any anxiety I used to have around accounting and tax."

Why Friede for barristers?

Walking distance

You won’t be making tea with your accountant once a week, but an efficient face-to-face meeting can be just the thing to make sure your accounts work for you. Our offices are a quick stroll from the Inns of Court. We meet all of our clients at least once a year and we are always available.

We are specialists

Today we act for more than 700 barristers, along with several sets of chambers and members of the judiciary. We have been legal specialists for over 30 years. Whether you are a KC or a Pupil, we understand your particular needs, and how to meet them.